Passeio AtlŠntico
Porto, 2000-2004
Planning, urbanization and construction of the entire precinct
An intervention in the waterfront of Porto at the point of contact with Matosinhos, redefining the Cidade de Porto park and its relationship with the system of beaches along the littoral, the Montevideu gardens and the waterfront promenades all along the Avenida de Montevideu.
The transformation of the Avenida Marginal into a viaduct allowed the Cidade de Porto park to connect with the Atlantic beaches, creating a space in which both conditions merge and effectively redefining the park. At one end of the viaduct, the Praça de Gonçalves Zarco was converted into a large double roundabout with a car park in the middle to provide the transition between the metropolitan road system, the park and the beaches. At the other end, a large transparent building for recreational uses adds to the coastal uses and the activities of park and beach.
The scheme also envisaged a two-level walkway along the Avenida de Montevideu, with the upper tier linking together the series of parks and gardens and the lower tier, down among the rocks, combining recreational use with the pleasure of strolling by the ocean.

Manuel de Solŗ-Morales arch. amb Joao Fonseca ing. CCP(ENCIL), Bet Figueres, Isabel Diniz (TAVA) Paisatgistas
Project team: Nuno Monteiro, Marta Labastida, Xavier Fabregas, Ignacio Estrella, arch.