Den Haag, 2006-2012
Planning and urbanization project. 13 ha: 2,000 m x 65 m of public space (project budget 23,000,000€)
An intervention in the public space on the new dike protecting the seafront promenade of The Hague that sets out to give a sense of identity and character to Scheveningen’s waterfront.
The project envisages a boulevard laid out in three bands, with the oscillations and folds of its movement articulating the various programmes of coastal life and leisure uses (bars and restaurants) while integrating the functional requirements of public and private circulation systems (bicycles and cars) and contact with the urban fabric at different points and on different levels.
The sum of conditions produces a vibrant experience of the seafront that is capable of transcending the all-too-frequent monotony of linear coastal developments, with the visual relationships and contacts between different elements multiplying and enriching without losing unity and meaning.

Manuel de Solą-Morales arch. amb Klaas Hilverda (IbDH)
Project team: Age Fluitman, Mila Estrela, Marta Ferrč, Darine Corban, Jorge Perea, Juan Pablo Saucedo arch.